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Hardware R&D and Pre-production

As a company owner, you know that hardware R&D and pre-production are essential for a successful product launch. You may also know that these processes can be expensive and time consuming. At our company, we provide both of these services using our own project experience. We have a team of engineers with years of experience in R&D and pre-production who can help your product succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you bring your product to market quickly and cost effectively.

R&D and services for electronic devices

  • Creating an electronic device from an idea to production.

  • Rapid prototyping of devices and systems. 

  • Development of battery powered devices.

  • Development of power boards for power load devices. 

  • Modernisation and audit of electronic devices. 

  • Development of electronic device circuitry.

  • Tracing of printed circuit boards.

  • Preparation of documentation for manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

  • Preparation of documentation for mounting components on printed circuit boards.

  • Selection of electronic components. 

  • Design and development of embedded software for devices based on AVR, ESP32 and ARM Cortex-M0/M0+/M3/M4F architectures of any complexity.

  • Fast and secure bootloader for your application.

  • Creation and maintenance of documentation.

Preparation for Production

  • Technological preparation of a product for production.

  • Development of manufacturing plans.

  • Composition of product specifications, cost calculation.

  • Laser cutting machine programming.

R&D for new metal products and improvement of existing products

  • Sheet metal enclosures, boxes and other products.

  • Products for CNC processing (turning, milling, CO2 laser cutting).

  • Complex parts for machines and mechanisms including gear, crank and multi-link.

  • Lightening and reducing the cost of parts by design optimization.

  • Welded frames.


  • SolidWorks (Flow Simulation, solid parts, sheet metal, surface modeling, drawings).

  • Solidworks Composer.

  • Rhinoceros 7 (drawings).

  • Altair inspire (solid parts optimization).

  • RDworks (Laserworks).

  • LightBurn.

  • Eagle CAD.

  • KiCad.

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